Eco-Chic at the Liberty Hotel

We had a fabulous show at the Liberty Hotel at the beginning of May. Some of our newest designs were presented there. We loved the hotel, the beautiful lobby, great crowd. It was an exciting night and a great opportunity to showcase our favorite sustainable outfits. We appreciate Liberty Hotel for this amazing opportunity.

The atmosphere was buzzing with energy as models strutted down the lobby in our eco-friendly creations. The audience was captivated by the intricate details and vibrant colors of our sustainable designs. It was truly a night to remember, filled with creativity and innovation.

As we mingled with guests after the show, we were thrilled to see the positive reactions to our collection. Many expressed their admiration for our commitment to sustainability and applauded our efforts to promote eco-conscious fashion.

The partnership with Liberty Hotel was an ideal fit, resonating with our commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical fashion. We are excited about upcoming chances to feature our eco-conscious designs and promote awareness of sustainable fashion.