About Us

Welcome to Ecoforia! 

We are a small sustainable fashion brand located in Connecticut, USA. The Ecoforia team is on a mission to make fashion the right way. We want you to love your clothes for more than one season, so we create timeless, quality garments that would highlight your character and personal style.

We are beginning our journey and still exploring ways to minimize our impact on the planet. Are we 100% sustainable? Nobody is, but we are constantly looking to improve our practices. Our goal is to build a strong organization that would positively impact its employees, customers, and our planet.

We are working diligently on every aspect of our business, from developing our products to improving our website and customer experience. Shoot us an email at info@ecoforia.us if you have any suggestions or comments about your recent experience. We will be happy to hear from you!

Thank you for stopping by our online store. We are excited you are here!