What does Ecoforia mean?

We often receive inquiries about the meaning behind our brand's name. People want to know how we came up with it. When I decided to create a fashion brand, I knew that the name needed to reflect the concept behind the brand. It had to be eye-catching and beautiful while also reminding people about the importance of being eco-friendly and consuming mindfully.

I wanted the name to be feminine, magical, and lovely. Our clothes are designed for a free-spirited, nature-loving woman who is confident, self-loving, and caring towards others. The name had to embody all these qualities. To find the perfect name, I began collecting beautiful words and playing around with them. I was drawn to the word "Euphoria," which means "to bear easily" or "power of enduring easily" in Greek. It also has a historical meaning of "bearing children," which I found exciting as it relates to women.

I combined "Euphoria" with "Eco," which means "home" in Greek. I hoped that this would remind people of nature and our planet. Therefore, Ecoforia is a unique word that conveys multiple meanings. To me, it represents a state of well-being while also caring for our home, which is our planet. This is the feeling we want women to experience when wearing our clothes.